Party Outfit : Short Dress

Hey there Sweets !

Welcome to SimsMania.

Before I start with my first blog I want to thank everyone who supported me to go ahead and start pursuing my passion for fashion and blogging along with my studies

It was a much-needed support and i wouldn’t do anything without you peeps.


Now lets get Started!

 Dress: WestSide, 

Accessories: Local Shop

So My first post is all about a look you can wear to any party or a date night with your special.

Well, it can be a Farewell party (well,this one was from mine  >.< ), A wedding party, a date night, Some decent Party (blehh), occasions etc etc.

First and foremost The little black dress, it is a short Flare backless skirt dress with black lace all over on the top and flares at the bottom (below the waist). A really best choice for prom or a special night . When I bought this dress it was kind a smaller in the length but, who cares? i loved it though.

I tuned it with pastel grey shining kind of heels that i got the other day from a local shoe mart in Pune which complemented the dress very well. It had sequences in the front lined in a criss-cross manner which looked really good and yeah also the bow at the either sides.

Coming to the Accessories I kept it very lenient and simple by just wearing a fancy Bracelet with beautiful beads on it which did the whole talking for the Dress. And Of-course  styling it with a black shining Zara Purse made it look more Elegant. 

For makeup I stuck to matte Products. Smokey eyes with light pink lipstick was my thing. Whereas you can go for a dramatic eyeliner look with red lip colour as well. The Curls just went awesome with the look. 

Well,  thats all for this party dress look. Hope you like it. Please do follow and like my posts. I’ll be back next time with something more interesting blogs and post. And do comment below if you’ll want me post about a particular concept or any ideas youll wan t me to work on….

Until next time,

Stay blessed Stay Happy.. 🙂



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